There is one myth that we hear repeated often in pest control, which is: an infestation is only when pests literally take over the entire house. Every room is crawling and you have to move out in order to get it treated. This is a complete fallacy.

An infestation is really when any pest makes its’ way into your house. Now obviously if you had one spider, that’s a pretty minor infestation, but the chances of having just one is pretty remote.

Spiders can blend in pretty well to their surroundings, holding completely still for long periods of time until the coast is clear.

There are others, like the Black Widow, that make it their life’s goal to stay out of the open. They are very shy, but will react violently if necessary to defend themselves if you disturb their hiding places.

The first tip should be obvious. Use a great pest control company to keep a barrier on your property so it keeps them from coming in, effectively using spider control on your property. They should be licensed and have some kind of guarantee in place.



The second tip is to keep your home as clean as possible. Spiders don’t eat human food, they eat other insects. So your primary goal in keeping clean is to make sure no other bugs get in. Ants love finding crumbs and pantry items to snack on, along with any other pantry pests, which bring in spiders looking for a nice ant snack. You get the idea.

Our third tip is to minitor insect traffic 24/7. The easiest way to do this is to pick up a few sticky traps at the local hardware store. You can check these once a week and see if insect traffic is going up or staying the same. If you have a lot, then at least you know that you’ll need to take more extreme measures to combat them.