The first service shall be referred to as the “initial service”, which includes inside and outside service, along baseboard, where the plumbing penetrates the wall, powders in hard to reach spaces, basements and attics if needed, etc. Exterior treatment includes a barrier spray that covers approximately 3 feet up and three feet out into the yard. Fleas and Ticks service may include the entire yard or a spot treatment where the technician deems necessary. Our guarantee states that in the event a customer needs extra services in between regular visits, Combs Pest Control will re-treat for free. In the event of extreme weather, this may become more necessary.

Partners- we reserve the right to work with or refuse service from any potential customers, marketing companies, and other industry companies. We’ve partnered up with Six Brothers Pest Control, which provides pest control in Dallas.¬†Any and all related reports, complaints, comments, or reviews should be directed at our inquiry page, where you’ll be able to contact us directly. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us and we’ll do our best to ameliorate the situation.

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