Having the nasty surprise of seeing pests in your home during the day may make you panic. But when you get a shock in the middle of the night, that is when the security of knowing you can call for emergency pest control becomes crucial.

Pests are incredibly common, from large cities like London or New York to small communities like Boise or Nampa. And they can invade your home at any time of the day or night. In fact, because so many pests are nocturnal, they might only make their presence known in the small hours. An emergency service usually means receiving assistance within the hour. And can mean not having to leave an infestation a further day for it to get worse.

As well as being a nuisance, they are also a source of anxiety and distress for people who find themselves living with any kind of infestation. Not to mention the physical health risks that can affect you and your family negatively. That’s why it’s so important to get a pest issue resolved as soon as possible when you notice there’s a problem.

24 hour pest services means there is always support there for you that you can count on when you need fast and immediate extermination. Being able to rely on 24 hour emergency helpline is useful too. Being able to get in touch with a voice on the other end of the line in times of crisis is a real comfort. And it means you can receive emergency advice at any hour.



Professional pest controllers have experience of all kinds of emergency situations, and will be able to handle any type of pest problem. No matter the severity of your situation, having to hand the number of a company that can offer a prompt service any time of the day, will give you greater peace of mind.

Here are some of the most common problems pest controllers go out to emergency calls for.

  • Rodents – Many people find rats or mice frightening, but that’s not the only problem they cause. These rodents often come up from the sewers, meaning they carry really dangerous diseases. Once they get into your home, they can spread these diseases. This poses a real health risk to you and your family that is incredibly risky. Rats are a particular problem in larger cities. Reliable companies will have the best techniques and treatments to ensure that the rodent problem is dealt with as quickly as possible, even if it is the middle of the night.
  • Bed bugs – When you experience the bite of a bed bug, you won’t want to sleep again until you know that none of them are left on your property. That’s why they are such a common emergency call out for pest controllers. Dealing with bed bugs is a difficult task, but with the right skills, professional pest technicians can handle an infestation in one or two treatments.
  • Cockroaches – Experiencing cockroaches in your home is never a nice thing to experience. The worst thing about cockroaches, aside from how dirty they are, is that they breed at an incredible pace. You will rarely see one cockroach – there are always more hiding somewhere. One cockroach can become 10 in a matter of days, and the problem quickly becomes out of control.

We can usually find a time for you within 24 hours of you calling our office. We offer pest control in Meridian and surrounding areas, including: Meridian, Caldwell, Kuna, Eagle, and more.